Super E-Bike XT

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Super Cycles & Scooters has been leading the industry in electric scooters since 2013. We were the first to introduce lithium and brushless technology in an electric scooter at an affordable price. We are now introducing our own line of electric bicycles to the market. The Super E-Bike XT is a phenomenal machine at a great price! Don’t buy from “here today gone tomorrow companies” with a poor reputation or any business that charges triple the price to pay for their lavish marketing! We are the Internet’s highest rated electric scooter company with thousands of positive reviews and videos found on YouTube and Amazon. You can expect the same high quality and outstanding service with our E-Bike.

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Super E-Bike XT

Super E-Bike XT

If you are looking for an affordable full featured electric bicycle that can tackle all sorts of terrain, then the Super E-Bike XT is for you! Why pay over 3k for competing electric bicycles when you can have this amazing machine for almost half the price! It is by far the best value E-Bike on the market today!

Main features are

  • 48v 12ah lithium battery
  • 500watt 48v Brushless Hub Motor
  • Aluminum frame
  • Wired LED Head Light
  • Wireless Multifunction Tail Light
  • LCD Odometer/ Speedometer/ Battery Meter/ Clock
  • 26 x 4.0 Inch tires
  • Fully adjustable seat and handle bar height

Why Purchase the Super E-Bike XT

E-Bikes are a great way to get around and an even better way to lose weight. The Super E-Bike XT features a 5 level assist mode. What does this mean? The electric motor will assist you only while you are peddling. This lets you keep a faster pace with less strain on yourself. It’s also a nice way to help keep up with more fit friends and still get exercise. Of course you can also go electric only and relax without the need to pedal or pedal only with no assist; the choice is yours! The Super E-Bike XT is powered by a strong 500watt 48v hub motor that can produce speeds of 25-32mph. This means that there is plenty of speed to get you where you need to go fast and there is no chain to adjust on the motor since it’s a hub style. The included lithium battery is rated for up to 1000 charge cycles and is removable. It’s also secured with a keyed lock; this prevents most theft and makes it easy to charge. Our E- Bike is equipped with wide 26 x 4.0 Juggernaut tires. These tires will easily allow you to go on grass and most off road areas. They also drive with ease on normal paved roads. E-Bikes are normally accepted anywhere normal bicycles are. The battery and motor are low profile and do not stand out therefore most people won’t even realize it’s electric!

Multifunction LCD Gauge

7 Speed Shifter, Throttle and Bell
Pedal electric assist
500 Watt Brushless Hub Motor
High end disk brakes and calipers

E-Bike Specs and Details

Recommend Age: See Liability Policy


MOTOR: Super 500watt DC Brushless 48v

BATTERY: Removable 48v 12ah LIFEPo4

SPEED: 25-32 mph (depends on rider’s weight & terrain)

RANGE: 15-23miles per charge; in electric mode only 30-45 miles in pedal assist mode (range depends on rider’s weight, speed they are driving, and terrain) Special note= Hills and Heavy Rider Weight will greatly reduce RANGE.

BATTERY CHARGE CYCLES: (up to) 1000 Charge Cycles (Cycles will depend on battery care)


CHARGE SYSTEM: 110v input 48v output Smart Charger 2-color LED status indicator (Charger is Included)

HEAD LIGHT: Low power but very bright LED Head Light

CONTROLLER: 48v Smart Power

DRIVE: Brushless Hub Drive

BRAKES: Disc / Caliper (Front & Rear)

WHEELS: Aluminum

TIRES: Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.0

FRAME: Light Weight Aluminum

NET WEIGHT/Ship Weight in Box: 70½ lbs

NET WEIGHT out of Box: 61.7 lbs

MAX RIDER WEIGHT: 300lbs on flat ground. 250lbs with hills. SPECIAL NOTE: It is recommended you put the E-bike in assist mode while going up steep hills.

COLORS: Flat Black

BOX DIMENTIONS: 61″Long 32¼” Tall 14½” Wide

E-BIKE DIMENTIONS: 73″L Handle Bars are adjustable from 38″Tall to 46″Tall Seat Height is adjustable from 34″Tall to 43½”Tall

High powered LED Head Light
Removable Lithium Battery

Why buy from Super Cycles & Scooters?

We realize there are many similar looking scooters and E-Bikes on the market. So why buy ours and why buy from us? The difference is we install the highest quality parts on our Scooters / E-Bikes and each one is inspected and tested to make sure it’s in working order before being shipped. We have been in the business since 2003. Our customer service goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase. You have our word; you will not find more powerful or higher quality E-Bikes / electric scooters. Do your research! We have thousands of positive reviews found on several websites including, YouTube, and many others. We also have an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating.

We would like all potential customers to keep in mind the following about our electric scooters / E-bikes: They are machines and machines need maintenance and sometimes repair. Therefore, we have developed exclusive “How to Videos” on our website; such as: “How to change a tube in your tire if you get a flat”, “How to adjust your chain”, “How to properly maintain your scooter” along with many more. Our videos are only accessible to our customers via a password that is given with the scooter’s manual.

Wide comfort seat
Juggernaut tires

Shipping Details

We inspect and test every scooter / E- Bike and improve its packaging before it ships. E-Bikes / Scooters must go through this process before being shipped for quality assurance. Once an order has been placed it usually takes no longer than 1 or 2 businesses days to QC and ship your E-Bike / Scooter. However, depending on the volume of orders we receive the same day, your order may be delayed up to an additional five business days. You will receive a tracking number via: email once your order has been processed. This does not mean that your order has been shipped. Orders go through our quality control process first and then are picked up by FedEx.

Once your order has been picked up by FedEx, shipping time usually takes between 2-6 business days depending on what state you live in. East coast customers are usually 2-3 business days and West Coast is usually 4-6 business days. We only ship to a billing address. Orders that cannot go to the billing address will be canceled. We do not ship to PO boxes. Part orders are shipped to either FedEx or USPS.

Shipping is FREE with your purchase! However we only ship to the Continental 48 states free of charge. Alaska and Hawaii customers please call us for shipping details and charges. International orders are not accepted.

Important Safety Note: YOU MUST INSPECT YOUR SCOOTER/E-BIKE BEFORE EACH RIDE FOR SAFTEY. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to do a complete safety check and adjust, tighten and look for any missing nut bolt or anything out of the ordinary before each and every ride. We also highly recommend full safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, elbow, and knee pads

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